full licence vic


To progress to your full licence you must:

As long as you have a good driving record throughout the 3 years, you will automatically move onto your full licence.

A good driving record is simply avoiding licence cancellation or suspension and drink and drug offences.

A bad driving record will extend your time on a probationary P2 licence by at least 6 months.

Periods in which your licence has been suspended do not count towards the 3-year requirement. Licence cancellation will mean your probationary period starts again with any time accumulated towards the 3-year requirement void. Licence cancellation / suspension can result from:

  • a court conviction
  • a Traffic Infringement Notice
  • accumulation of demerit points
  • action taken by the Sheriff’s Office
  • action taken by VicRoads

Licence features:

Your full licence is valid for 3 or 10 years depending on your preference. 

In addition to following the road rules like all road users should, there are specific rules associated with a full licence. Disobeying these additional rules could result in heavy fines or loss of licence.

Blood Alcohol Concentration 0.05
Demerit points 12 points in a 3-year period
Plate display Not required
Maximum speed limit The limit as signed
Towing You can tow a single trailer up to the lesser of 9 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass or the vehicle's specifications.
Supervision Allowed to supervise a learner of your licence category
Transmission If tested in automatic, can only drive automatic
Mobile phone Must not use a hand-held mobile phone (hands-free allowed)
Licence category Licence only allows you to drive a vehicle that does not exceed 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass and can seat up to 12 adults including the driver


For comprehensive information on licensing, please refer to the VicRoads website. The above information is a summary of this content and although current when published may now be outdated. To ensure you are accessing the most current and accurate information, use the VicRoads website or visit your nearest VicRoads Customer Service Centre.