Pre-drive safety check

Before beginning the Drive Test the applicant must perform a pre-drive safety check. The applicant is required to:

  1. Identify and operate the following:
    • turn indicators
    • brake lights
    • horn
    • hazard lights
    • headlights (high and low beam)*
    • windscreen washer and wipers
  2. Identify the handbrake.
  3. Identify, but not operate, the windscreen demister/s. The rear demister need only be identified if fitted.
  4. Start the engine

If the applicant fails 1 and 2, or if any of the 1 and 2 vehicle controls do not operate correctly, the applicant is not permitted to undertake the Drive Test.

If the applicant fails 3, the LTO should point out the controls, but allow the Drive Test to continue. If one of these controls is required during the test and the applicant requires assistance, an Immediate Termination Error (Intervention) should be recorded.

The pre-drive safety check does not contribute to the applicant’s test score.

*The LTO should direct the applicant to turn the headlights on low during the Drive Test

Minimum assessment required

Although unforeseen events (e.g. road works) may prevent the applicant from doing assessable tasks, the test is not invalid provided the following requirements are met:

  • At least 5 of the 7 tasks in Stage 1 (including the reverse parallel park or 3-point turn) must be undertaken before proceeding to Stage 2.
  • The test is complete if at least 17 tasks are undertaken across both stages (including the reverse park or 3-point turn, at least 2 lane changes, and at least 1 straight drive).

If these requirements are not met, the test will be incomplete and a re-test is required.


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