learner's test vic
As the Learner Permit Knowledge Test is a theory test, it’s important you know the material and prepare for the test. It’s recommended that you read the latest version of the Road to Solo Driving as this is material that will be tested. You should then read the Driving Test VIC summary of the Road to Solo Driving. This summary condenses the 170-page handbook into 64 pages. Prepared based on the questions you may be asked in the test, the summary concentrates only on assessable material. This allows your revision to be far more targeted and therefore effective. When you’ve familiarised yourself with the assessable material, it’s time to put your knowledge to the (practice) test.

To get an idea of what the test will be like, VicRoads provide a practice test in different modes. Once you have read and revised the relevant material, you should use the feedback mode to begin your practice. This mode allows you to learn from mistakes and identify any areas of weakness. If necessary, return to the written material to solidify your understanding. Once confident, you should proceed to using the practice mode to simulate real test conditions. As the practice mode test is structured like the real test (32 random questions), practicing as many times as possible before you sit the Learner Permit Knowledge Test is the best preparation for the real thing.

So your study should be structured as follows:

  • Read the Road to Solo Driving handbook
  • Revise using the Driving Test VIC Summary
  • Use the VicRoads practice test in feedback mode to identify areas of weakness and learn from mistakes
  • Revise the material to solidify your understanding in specific areas
  • Use the practice mode test as many times as possible
  • When you're regularly getting 100%, book and sit your Learner Permit Knowledge Test

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